Psalms 37:12 – 13

The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He knows their day is coming.


I am thinking about Joseph and His brothers as I read this scripture. They hated Joseph and plotted to kill him when he went to take food for them as they were grazing. Their elder brother, Reuben, wanting to save him asked them to put him in a pit. I don’t know what was going through the mind of Joseph at that time but am sure he must have thought God left him or He doesn’t care having allowed his brothers to deal with him so wickedly.

His brothers decided to sell him as a slave not knowing they are serving God. Joseph told his brothers after they met in Egypt, what you planned for evil God turned it for good. Do not be worried when your enemies seem to be the only ones celebrating because of the various evils that they have succeeded in plotting against you. The bible in the scripture above says, “they gnash their teeth”, this shows anger and the intensity of their evil.

The bible says that God is laughing at them because He knows their day is coming. I want to encourage you to laugh with God.  David said in Psalms 23 “He prepares a table before my enemies”. Choose to see things as God sees them. Prepare your teeth and brush them very well so that you will be able to laugh loudly when the day of your enemies comes. They will be covered with shame as they see what God had kept in store for you.

Joseph’s brothers cried when he revealed himself to them. I see people coming to beg for your forgiveness. Just be still in the Lord and see His deliverance.


Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I come before you to thank you because of your word today. I now know you can see what I am going through, you also know what my enemies have plotted against me. As you laugh against them oh Lord, give laughter as well. Help me to keep my joy and to know you are in control. Help me to focus on you and your will that I will not be distracted by their evil motives and deeds.

I rebuke every devourer and powers of darkness out of my life in Jesus name.