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By Pastor Hadassah Rosalind Wanyeki

Waiting is not easy! The popularity of ready made, quick fix, instant passport, instant tea, Jack-pot and other instant stuff explains our impatient day to day life. How could a 17-year-old lad go on tending the sheep in the fields alone in the cold and desolation with the great promise of royalty on his head? How easy was it for Joseph to serve Potiphar and his wife yet he knew very well the Moon, the Stars and the sheaves would bow to him? How did he handle the prison? Why would a mighty God promise dominion yet do nothing when Joseph was thrown in the pit and later sold to slavery? These are some of the biblical scenarios that seemingly would have made the faint-hearted give up. 
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Take this journey with me as we explore the various aspects of waiting and why we should wait joyfully. WAIT ON GOD I SAY WAIT ON GOD PASTOR HADASSAH ROSALIND
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