Donation Center

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is free and we endeavour to keep it as such; for us to be able to do so costs money and resources. Your generous contribution and support will go a long way in enabling reach us out to various people and institutions. We therefore encourage you to be part of this commission through prayers, dedicating your time or love gifts. You can channel them through our physical location at 1100 Petrolia Road, Toronto, ON, CA or use the donation button below. At our PRI Church, we uphold a strong commitment to transparency and accountability in all aspects. The Donation Center for PRI Church serves as a hub of generosity and support within the community. Through its Monthly tithe program, members contribute a portion of their income to sustain the church’s activities and initiatives. The center promotes a redefined contribution approach, encouraging individuals to donate not only financially but also with their skills and time, fostering a sense of shared responsibility. In addition to monetary contributions, the center accepts Goods and Non-Perishables, ensuring that those in need receive essential items while fostering a culture of compassion. Volunteering opportunities further enrich the center’s impact, allowing members to actively participate in various outreach programs and initiatives that uplift and strengthen the local community.

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Goods and Non-Preisables