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A few things about us

Guided by the belief that “Until now you have not asked for

anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be

complete.” (John 16:24), the visionaries behind Prayer Reign 

International Church embarked on a journey to cultivate a

profound culture of prayer. This sacred endeavor was further

illuminated by the passage from Luke 22:39-41, which spoke of

Jesus’ own prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane, emphasizing the

significance of seeking divine guidance and connection through prayer. With these verses as the guiding lights, the mission of Prayer Reign International Church came to life: 

Our Mission:

To organize prayer retreats, seminars, evangelical meetings and workshops designed to empower and uplift brethren in the art of prayer.

These gatherings would serve as platforms to share salvation, the fundamental tools of prayer, nurturing a deeper connection with the divine and strengthening the bonds of the faith community..

Our Vision:

To extend the reach of prayer to the far corners of the world,

particularly to those who have yet to experience its transformative power. The vision encompassed a heartfelt commitment to teach the unreached about the profound gift of prayer, fostering a greater understanding of its potential in shaping lives and  voluntary yielding to God.

about us

Our Mandate:

Driven by the fervent belief in the potency of prayer, Prayer ReignInternational Church resolved to open prayer centers, retreat centers, online platforms, and other innovative avenues to galvanize believers in this timeless practice. These diverse channels would mobilize individuals, encouraging them to come together in prayerful unity, transcending boundaries and denominations. The heart of the mandate extended to encompass the compassionate act of joining in prayers with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their background or beliefs. This gesture of unity highlighted the church’s commitment to embracing the shared human experiences and challenges that necessitate spiritual guidance and solace. 

Additionally, the church’s mandate sought to empower believers to lead victorious lives, achieving triumphs through the unbreakable bond of prayer and the transformative wisdom found in the sacred scriptures. The dual emphasis on prayer and reading the Bible as sources of guidance and empowerment in the power of the Holy Spirit underscored the holistic approach to nurturing spiritual growth. Prayer Reign International Church stands as a testament to the  profound beauty and impact that a vision birthed in the depths of prayer can have on the world. It represented the embodiment of unity, empowerment, and the realization that prayer is not only a powerful communication with the divine but a guiding force that leads believers to greater purpose, understanding, and triumph in their lives.

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Prayer International Church is open to all Christians whose core values are derived from the Holy Spirit and Bible based teaching. If you haven’t received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour you are welcome to do so and be part of our vibrant team.

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