Jeremiah 32:27 New International Version

“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is there anything too hard for me?


Every time I talk about limitation, I realize there is more to it than I first thought.

As Christians we have been called to have FAITH in God and in His POWER. We cannot profess an able God and be okay with just enough, limited resources, unclear destiny, unfinished projects and having to withdraw from His calling due to lack, want, challenges and/or obstacles.

We need to live and portray a God kind of life.

Overcoming limitation involves stretching out. As far as I am concerned there is no stretching out that is easy. It’s always easier to stay at your comfort zone. For us to grow wings we need to change things, drop off some characters/habits and/or develop disciplines. Success requires discipline.

The prerequisite of coming out of limitation is knowing the will of God for your life. We know His will by reading His word, praying, receiving a prophetic word or dream. What has God called you to do? Where is He taking you? He told Jeremiah “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you and appointed you a prophet to the nations”. For Jeremiah he was not only a prophet in Israel but to the nations. In his becoming he needed to be a prophet first then be able to reach the nations. Success for him was in achieving both (a prophet to the nations). I always say a mighty God will only have plans equal to His name. We can’t have limitation and God at the same sentence.

We are allowed to start small but not stay small. Monitor your progress every now and then. Tuning in to the Holy Spirit will prompt you when time to move, relocate, start a new business, change career or take a different direction has come. How acquitted are you to the Holy Spirit and His leading? Do you yield to His guidance? The sons of Issachar were unique in that they

knew seasons. They could tell which season they are in or are headed to. Don’t be a blind Christian who does A and B year in, year out. Seasons and times belong to our God.

You need sensitivity which can only be achieved in the Holy Spirit.

Don’t be okay earning the same salary for years, wearing the same suit in your best occasions, having the same bank balance over and over. Pray for everything and anything.

Anything that has God, GROWS.


Abba Father, I want to thank you for your word and insight through the Holy Spirit. Please lead me to your truth and cause me to stretch forth to the right and to the left as your word says in Isaiah 54:3. Cause the truth of your word be a reality in my life. I refuse to stagnant in life and to go round in circles. I am a son of God and will display His splendor in my life. I choose favour, victory, faith and all the virtues that will help me live an unlimited life. I decree and declare I am what God has called me to be, “More than a conqueror in Christ Jesus”.

In Jesus name I pray and believe.

Shalom Shalom!!!

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