Galatians 4: 1 – 2

What I am saying is that as long as an heir is underage, he is no different from a slave, although he owns the whole estate. The heir is subject to guardians and trustees until the time set by his father.


Every rich man/woman cares about his wealth after he/she is gone. Nobody wants to work hard and leave his wealth to be inherited by outsiders; we all pray to raise responsible children who will take after us. There is something I want you to realize, as much as the heir is there, he/she must be of age; nobody will entrust a baby with resources. This is both a biblical and a worldly principal. It makes sense because a child has no discretion. He can never know how to manage the estate as much as he is the rightful owner.

The bible says in the above scripture, the heir who is underage has no difference with a slave because his estate is put under the management of trustees and guardians. That means if he/she needs anything he has to request from those in-charge who have a right to say yes or no. When a slave is told to turn right and left for this and that, this heir is also ordered around as well.

A childhood has an age limit in the physical realm, you can even look at someone’s face and tell whether they are underage or not. The problem is in the spiritual realm; you may be a be born again for the longest but still underage. We can tell someone’s maturity from their behavior, a kid plays with toys, sand, eats objects, cries unnecessarily etc. Same case with spiritual babes they fight for attention, always complaining, back biting, don’t want to stand up for others or take up responsibility, they have to be reminded to do the right thing etc.

One thing that we need to know so long as you we are babes God can never entrust us with kingdom resources. He will appoint trustees and guardians for us. If you don’t want to continue under the mercies of your trustees; grow up. Invest time in bible reading, prayer, fellowship and acts of kindness (visiting the sick, feeding the poor etc.) so that God can entrust you with His resources.

The bible says, the trustees and guardians (stewards) will be in charge until the set time by the father; this tells me there is a set time (maturity level). May you attain your set time that God can trust you with the next level.

 Abram before God changed his name to Abraham in Genesis 15: 1 – 3 cried to God and asked him, “what will you give me yet I continue childless and Eliezer of Damascus is the one who will inherit my estate?” Eliezer was a slave and this saddened Abraham. He could not imagine leaving his wealth to a slave. He cried to God for an heir, I want to ask you can God count on you? God is not going to die neither he is not leaving but he wants us to glorify Him in what He created. Can he count on you as an heir? The bible says we are co-heirs with Christ.

Agree to mature spiritually that God can entrust you in leading His children, feeding them and taking up responsibilities in the kingdom.


Heavenly father, I come before your throne to ask for grace and wisdom to know the right spiritual food that I should eat so that I will grow in your kingdom. Grace me to read the bible, pray and fellowship with your children that I can be nourished. This I pray in Jesus name.