Psalms 34:15

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry;


Today I am impressed to share about my experiences in prayer. I pray that you will be blessed and learn something. When I got born again, I was held hands by the youth leaders who were very devoted to prayer. My first prayer meeting was an overnight vigil which had no breaks. It was tough to start with, but I am grateful for that baptism. I learnt to pray about everything and anything early enough.

When I cleared from campus, I took up a sales job where we were selling mobile sim cards on the streets with my baby sister. It was not an easy job, but it was necessary, we had to eat and do everything else. The landlord would not take any stories; he needed his dues and nothing else. We had less sources of funds and every coin mattered. When going home we would wait for the bus to fill up the seats with the people who would pay up the full amount of fare then we get in to stand (to hold the rail) so that we can pay half the price. There was this day we had less one Kenya shilling, we needed twenty Kenya shillings each (we had thirty-nine). The Kenyan touts are known for harassing passengers for non-payment which made us afraid to get in without the full amount. We decided to pray, I prayed one line if I can remember. No sooner did we start praying than a friend I schooled with in campus was passing by and came to say hi. He spotted where we were standing. When we saw him, started celebrating, he wondered why we are overjoyed. After telling him what we wanted his first words were “I believe God loves you, I rarely use this route. I just thought of changing route today, something I have not done in a while.” He gave us what he had and left. We really saw the hand of God.

The other day my daughter misplaced her water bottle, it was almost new and fancy, she had a lot of attachment to it. I asked her to search for it, after a while she started crying because she couldn’t locate it. I didn’t want tantrums since I was in the middle of a prayer meeting. I decided to pray for it first, to my surprise I saw a vision of where it was. Immediately after the prayer I went directly, picked it up and handed it over to her. Our God is faithful, He never overlooks a prayer item.

One day I was joining some friends for a mission to Kiambu, Kenya. We were all in campus then and from the interior parts of the country. Only two or three of us knew their where abouts in the city center (Nairobi). When leaving for Kiambu they assured the coordinator that they would guide us to the venue with no problem. Without any ado we left for Kiambu, when we got to Nairobi town, we could not locate the bus terminus to the specific place that we were to go. The ones leading us made endless calls without success. I remember moving form one side of the town to the other, every terminus we went was not the one. I got angry and told those responsible, I will not walk again. I asked who was ready to join me in prayer, a few brethren volunteered, and we were left praying. I remember passing inside the bus station very angry at the devil, after 20min of praying the lead crew came to pick us, they had found the right matatu and left the others inside. On joining them we realized it a place we had been for more than twice. The enemy had put a veil on us. You could be looking for something that is under your nose. Prayer unveils it.

There is no best time to pray than now. Don’t postpone a prayer or fail to pray because you don’t know the right words to use. Tell it to God as you feel it, He will guide you from there.


Oh Lord God almighty, strengthen me to pray and guide me in my prayer life. I choose to love you with all my heart and to trust you with the nitty gritty of my life. Help me to be diligent in the things of the kingdom in Jesus name I pray and believe, amen.

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