“I give thanks to the almighty God for this chance that you’ve given unto me. I have a lot to say but I will give three testimonies the most recent ones. Early this year I was expectant and when I was praying I saw the spirit of death and I started praying about it and i told Pastor Hadassah to help me pray. When I went to deliver she prayed for me and she rebuked the spirit of death and thanks to God I delivered well my kid is alive. The second one is Three days after I was discharged from the hospital I realized that my son’s eyes were a bit yellowish and I suspected jaundice. We prayed with Pastor Hadassah and after a while the eyes were clear. Ten days later I run out of milk from my breasts we prayed and the milk was restored. I give God all the glory. ”

– Drusillah

“  We started this prayer journey with Pastor Hadassah late last year when my 21 yrs old daughter had Depression, trauma and stress. Maxynne my daughter got healed in a way that I can only say was miraculous. In less than a month, she got healed and stopped taking her medications and has been fine since then. Pastor Hadassah told me to say she is healed even if I did not think so, to say so because she said so. And true she is healed. Thanks be to God. She has taught me the power of prayer, patience and believing that God will see me through everything I face. We prayed about my relationship with my children and even the father of my last born son and there is a big improvement. Glory be to God.  Above all, she has helped me to grow spiritually from a very weak point.  ” 

– Esther

“ I grew up in a Christian family. I was surrounded by Godly people and church. I knew about Him but I didn’t really know Him back then. I have been through many hardships. In 2018, I lacked school fees but God provided in many ways as my Grandma took me to school and I still got a chance to do my KCSE. Since last year, I have been praying for God to open doors and He has answered my prayers as finally I got my passport. That’s how I started to know Him. He has still given me fulfillment and purpose of joy. I’m continuously inspired by 1 John 5:15 : ‘And if we believe that He hears whatever we ask we know that we have what we have asked of Him’ I’m not perfect and I still mess up but God loves me with my flaws and imperfections. ”

Cindy Kines